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The pieces of our past make us whole for the future.

our story.



Suwannee Lumber Company Founded, Family Owned


Jungle Growth Brand
is born


Forestry Resources, LLC
Founded, Family Owned


K & B Landscape Supply, Inc.
Founded, Family Owned


Blue Wolf Capital

spins Suwannee River Mulch off of Suwannee Lumber Company as a stand alone company

June 2017

Blue Wolf Capital merges
Suwannee River Mulch and
Forestry Resources to create
The Mulch & Soil Company

June 2018

The Mulch & Soil Company purchases K & B Landscape Supplies, Inc.


The Mulch & Soil Company operates five plants in the state of Florida

"now that’s some good mulch"

When it comes to providing superior products with exceptional customer service, we know what we’re doing.  Our footprint, technology, and private trucking fleet gives us a strong competitive advantage.  Not to mention our 100+ years of experience in the lawn and garden industry.


be safe.

be kind.

be great.

We take our core values very seriously here. Our team is united with one vision and one goal.  It is important to us that our employees and their families know that they are being trained and challenged daily to maintain a safe, respectful, and excellent working environment.

environmental work.

Forestry Resources, Inc. was a pioneer in the Florida exotic pest plant removal and ecological restoration industry.  As an innovative part of the exotic pest plant removal process, FRI was able to create a valuable and usable landscape mulch product.  Today, The Mulch & Soil Company continues this exceptionally green and environmentally prudent practice by recycling trees that are typically piled and burned on project sites. Their signature melaleuca tree based Mulch product, FloriMulch, has won multiple environmental awards and is endorsed by the Friends of Everglades.


the melaleuca tree & foresty resources.

The invasive species was introduced in the 1920's by federal foresters looking for a way to dry up the Everglades. The melaleuca experiment backfired as the Australian import adapted to its new environment, and with no natural pests or enemies, quickly invaded and literally destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of once pristine native plant communities.  The local, state and federal government began to recognize the negative economic impact of the tree in the early eighties.  By that time, the destruction of wetlands, clogging of drainage ways, and invasion of grazing lands were among the many unanticipated consequences of the tree's importation.

In 1983, Forestry Resources, Inc. was able to develop a solution to help slow the spread of the melaleuca tree; landscape mulch. We are still proudly manufacturing melaleuca landscape mulch under the FloriMulch Brand.

our partners.

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